basket full

Thursday will be for thoughts...to get down those things floating around in my head for the week.
  1. I have some amazing women in my life that let me be me. some how we always find something crazy to do and totally enjoy the experience- spiders dangling from PTexas, broken photobooths, low blood sugar, or gay boys and a block party.
  2. I have a husband that I love and the working towards creating a family can be just as good as actually having the end result of all the waiting. But damn sometimes it is hard.
  3. I would like to convert one of the rooms upstairs into an art studio. A place where I don't care if the carpet gets full of paint or if there are scraps of fabric all over the place.
  4. where does my day go? and is this really the job I picked out for myself? how can I change that and still feel like we can pay the bills.
  5. stop being so serious all the time (see yesterday's post)


  1. 1.. I sure do miss that. As I've gotten older, my friend base has moved/drifted apart.
    2.. You got that right! I can totally relate.
    3.. Ooo! How I wish...
    4.. Me too. Except I didn't even pick out the job, it just fell into my lap.
    5.. :^p

  2. Getting much closer with the ladies in my life lately too...such a good feeling. Loving your thursday thoughts.

  3. sister i hear you on #2

  4. love this photo...


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