one month : two feet

You are a month old and already these feet of yours, with your long toes that you like to spread out and curl up and stretch,they don't fit into the shoes that I once wore.
this little piggy


They were handmade by your great-grandpa. Maybe one day they can go on your new baby's feet. But let's not get ahead of ourselves quite yet.
You are amazing to me, it is funny but if I think about the baby I thought I was going to have and I look at you- there really is not gap between the imagined and the reality. You couldn't have been anyone else, and I love you for that.

happy first month in this world... I hope you are finding life on the outside to your liking little man. We are sure glad you could join us!


  1. thanks for your resounding YES! and oh my look at those two little feet, can you even believe it's been a month already? so precious

  2. love, love, love. mr. o, you chose well.

  3. Anonymous11.10.08

    so beautifully written.
    time does fly, doesn't it? :)


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