Corner View: transporation

For Jane's Corner View

random facts about me and transportation by bike.

1. when I was three my mom and I crashed the bike we were on and I fractured my skull. she still can't get on a bike.

2. I once participated in a "12 inch" bike race (ya know the kid bikes with 12 inch wheels??) I think I was 24 or 25. It was a down hill race on a trail meant for single track mountain bike rides. I only had pedal breaks. It was nuts. You had to gunshot a beer half way down the trail. let's just say I needed that beer in the worst way, so did my bloody knee.

3. I love my mountain bike and the rush I get when on a single track or when you ride thru a huge puddle and get a rooster tail. It has been a very, very long time since I have taken it on a ride though. Anyone want to go?

4. Daddy-O gets really nervous when I ride my bike (see #1 and add in the fact that this has not bee the only time I went over the handle bars)

5. I would much rather be on a trail then on the road. Drivers in Reno so don't share the road.

6. I used to ride my bmx bike 6 miles to the next town to swim in the summer time. it was flat but still, I was like 12.


  1. Hey Vanessa! Great post and great photo! I´ll go cycling with you! Cheers!-Jane

  2. horray! i'm glad to hear you joined!

    i just gave my (unloved...never liked that bike!) gary fisher mtn bike to the bike project. but i do have a cyclocross bike so i can do light trails... :D

    i've got a bike fact...i used to ride all the forest service roads on an old huffy ten speed back in the early 80s (this was in colorado). i was part of the birth of mountain biking!

  3. oh! and number two? that's a serious crack up. too funny!

  4. Okay, since you shared such good random bike facts, I will share one with you..

    I didn't learn how to ride a bike until I was 16 years old. Crazy I know.

    Thanks for such a fun post! I loved seeing your corner view shot as well!

  5. Randon fact number one is quite shocking. Did it take long to recover? That must have been a difficult time for you and your mother.

  6. Thanks for sharing ouch for some and laughter for others, but I enjoyed reading about it.

  7. Ha!! This is great!! I agree... trails are way better than the road!!

  8. This is fantastic ! Loved your random facts !

  9. Welcome to corner view! I'm glad you joined -- your photos are awesome...

  10. Great photo! Welcome to Corner View!

  11. Nice to see your corner view...but ouch! for your first random fact. Have a good weekend.

  12. I don't really like bicycles... but your picture could change my mind ;) Nice corner view et nice blog...

  13. Anonymous7.5.09

    I ride my bike to work everyday and LOVE it!!! We also have a bike trailer for Mel and she absolutely LOVES it!!! We ride all over town and to the Farmer's Markets! So fun!!!


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