Corner View, Cityscape

730 am, December 7th
looking west from 2nd and west street downtown Reno, NV

This is what I have today peeps- the long weekend paired with a few other things have left me empty handed for this week's corner view shot. So a photo I took about a year and half ago (title, 730am December 7th) will have to do the trick. We by no means have snow on the ground now- up in the mountains there is still snow in spots but not down here in the valley. It has been hot and thunder-stormy the past few days. Gearing up for the summer and all that goes with it. This photo actually makes me cold just looking at it!

Hope you are having a lovely day now matter where you are in the world. For more Corner Views head on over to Jane's blog, Spain Daily.

Be Well!!


  1. Lovely shot anyway. And I am so so glad the snow is gone!

  2. hey, I love the picture. I think we are a great team. I took a big picture and you show the quaintness (is that how you spell it?) up close! I always wonder what you are going to post. We drove all over town to get a shot from a hill. Pretty soon I was I said, "Let's stop this craziness!"

  3. lovely! and i didn't even realize it was reno at first!

  4. It makes me cold too! So glad summer is almost here and there!

  5. It makes me cold too! So glad summer is almost here and there!

  6. reno looks like a cool place! even with the snow!

  7. Anonymous28.5.09


    And I am a skier!

    Hey, I'm having a giveaway. Come over and see me.


  8. i love this shot. you´re right... i feel cold all of a sudden....:)


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