just right


It was a perfectly paced weekend with thunder that shook the house and sheets of rain which almost had my windshield wipers beat.
There was visiting with girlfriends over a pizza and beer
There was yoga teaching (oh those baby bellies get me every time).
There was a sweet little birthday party.
There was two hour+ naps by the boy.
There was meeting up with an old/new friend and her two sweet boys. (So glad the Internet has reconnected us after almost 10 years!)
There was thunder and lightening (did I mention that already because it was kinda nuts)
There was sewing for a new little baby boy
There was splashing in a blowup pool out back under the new shades that Daddy-O worked so hard to put up this weekend.
There was laundry, dishes and vacuuming but no bisseling
There was 7.5 hours straight of sleep last night.

it was just right.


  1. boy, there was one thunder rumble that had me wondering if the sky and earth met and we were just going to head right into earthquake!

    sounds like a perfect weekend...

  2. 10 years...Has it been that long? So good to see you and Mr. O. We met up with a rumble, eh? ;)

    And, thanks for posting the link for the sun shades. I have another idea for them - involving the sad willow tree in the middle of the backyard - that I'll have bounce off you.

    Have a lovely week.

  3. I loved the thunder and lightning and rain. Oh, it was so nice..

  4. thumbs up to 2 hour naps and a full night of sleep!

  5. Anonymous3.6.09

    That sounds like a really wonderful time!

    I love thunder storms they make me just want to snuggle up in bed and read.



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