random tuesday stuff...


I am getting quite a little collection of vintage cameras. I just ordered (won) an sx-70 on ebay and can hardly wait for it to arrive. I have several other polaroid cameras and a couple brownies plus my beloved Yashica. Love them all and need to find a better way to display there sweet little faces in the house.

Have you noticed the new tool bar below the photos I post? You can now order a print or a card (folded, flat or post)right from my blog.
Cool, huh?

Hope this post finds you all well on this cool but sunny Tuesday afternoon.

Be well friends,



  1. Vanessa, I was wondering about the print/card thing-a-ma-bob. Now that is genius.

    My dad has an old darkroom in my grandparents house that has all sorts of old cameras that he has collected over the years.

    I never really appreciated the beauty of old ones until I started taking an interest in photography.

    PS I am buddies with you on Ravelry.


  2. oh I love it. now I'm going to go see if you posted the others.

  3. Wow, I love that direct purchase feature you've added: great idea! And I love the dancing feet shot, beautiful.

  4. My heart is racing... LOVE!

  5. have you gotten your sx-70 yet? let me know if it works and if you love it!


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