thank you~

Thank you all for such warm wishes for my birthday. We had a lovely snow filled weekend that was really sweet.
365-day61- bench monday the snowpile addition

Several of you have asked how I did the photos in the previous post. I am pulling together a little tutorial and links for the Thru the Viewfinder (or TtV) technique and will be posting it later this week.

I hope this finds you all warm and cozy- we are blanketed in a freezing fog here in the Biggest Little City. Hello winter, how do you do?!


  1. Love, love, love that red skirt!

  2. Winter is very happy now that you are out in your red skirt!! So fabulous!

  3. Anonymous15.12.09

    Wonderful shot. I'll stay tuned:)!

  4. This shot could be a Christmas card! LOVE it!


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