Strung together

I had a 'mommy' date last night. I headed over to a my friend, mama of twin boys and artist; Lisa's house for dinner (spaghetti and meat balls- homemade I might add). Once her two boys were down for the night, a lesson in bead work began. We were up waaaay too late, especially for a school night.  But it was o-so fun and worth it. How is that time speeds up and passes more quickly when you are in a creative state of mind?
I think I have the bug now and may need to make another trip down to the local bead shop for some fun new beads to play around with!


  1. Anonymous29.4.10

    Holy cuteness - that bead shop is so neat! What a fun, creative hobby. What type of things do y'all make?

  2. Careful! It's just as addicting as fabric...but I can't wait to see what else you make. It was great for me to have the mama and creative time, too. Thanks for coming over!


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