blue and yellow make...

I have been wanting to get the paints out for MrO. for a very long time now. Since Little girl was sleeping and the weather seemed perfect for just a diaper and some paint, I got out the big sheets of paper and let him loose on the back patio.

first dip

The first dip. He wasn't quite sure he wanted to get his hands dirty.

blue finger

toddler art

Making his mark on the paper (doesn't it look like he is explaining his work here?)

paint mover

Moving the paints around the work area, this was almost as much fun as painting for him it seemed.


artist at work

It was all about the swirls and circles on this piece of work, he also worked only along the edges of the paper. So interesting to watch his process while he painted.

silly face paint hands


Making a mess and really getting into your art is where it's at.


  1. Mess never looked so good!

  2. I want to come play!

  3. Anonymous25.9.10

    it does look like he's explaining his work in that photo! i love how messy he got at the end, and i love to see how kids paint, it's always different. :) (i think i like his method the best)

  4. What an artisan: Incredible how his art looks better then my own!

    Love's it!

  5. Anonymous27.9.10

    mmm, I love finger painting. I also, for some odd reason, love the smell of finger paint. It must remind me of my childhood. I love that green belly!

  6. This post was just what I needed to release tears of joy over how beautiful life is! (it's also kicking those maternal-i-think-i'm-ready-to-be-a-mommy feelings into high gear.)

    You and your beautiful family make the world a brighter place.


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