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tea leaves

I 've been working on a knitting project. A project for me! I am so excited about this knit, my very first adult sized sweater, Tea Leaves. A bit intimidating because of the amount of yarn involved and the possibility of wonky fit, but I am going for it. When I first saw Tea Leaves on a few other blogs I loved it. I kept thinking it would make a great cardigan for the fall/winter/spring months for a couple of reasons- It would be really easy for wearing while nursing the new baby and because I just love a nice cardigan for throwing on at work to keep me warm while at my desk.

I originally wanted to use grey but the yarn shop didn't have enough of the yarn/color I wanted. I spotted this brown just before I was about to give up and head home. I hesitated, thinking if I was going to knit my first sweater and hopefully do it again I should make it exactly as I had envisioned it, but am glad I went for it. I have perfect wooden buttons already in my stash and the more I knit the more I like the color choice, plus this yarn is SO soft!
So far I love the pattern- I am almost done with the yoke. I really like that the pattern is just interesting enough to hold my attention, but not so demanding that I can't set it down when a certain two year old needs help washing his hands after a yogurt or applesauce fest or another certain little person needs to be fed, burped or changed. The only thing I am finding is that I must hold the needles sort of funny because my right hand pinkie finger winds up carrying a lot of the weight and getting sore and tired. I had to put it down for a few days to let my hand feel better. Does anyone else find this happening?

If I have success with this cardi I might just go back and get the grey for the Shalom. I like this version or this version with the longer sleeves. Knitting for myself is fun, tee hee.


  1. Yeah! Power through that pain. I'm not sure what aches on my while I knit, but I know something does. It's usually something on my right arm. I haven't ripped my cardigan yet, so I consider it a success.

  2. Yay! A project and gift for yourself :)

  3. Are you knitting it on circular needles or straights? The circular distributes the weight better (and you can still knit back and forth). It's sad that I have such a collection of straight needles since I pretty much just knit on circs since I found out you don't have to knit in a circle on them!

    It look fabulous! This one has been on my mental wish list, but I've got about four other virtual sweaters lined up before it. :)


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