roll over

roll over, originally uploaded by NessieNoodle.

our first dusting of snow.
there is talk of more to come over the weekend.
I am grateful to live in an area that has all four seasons. I love the rythm and the cycles of change every year. I love pulling out clothing that has been in hiding since last year makes me feel like I have gone shopping in my own closet.
I am grateful that Mother Nature replenishes herself and reminds us that sometimes we can't always contain or control her.


  1. i love this shot! it could be by own backyard! i also appreciate the rhythm of the seasons...

  2. i love this shot.
    it could be my own backyard...
    and i, too, love the rhythm of the seasons...

  3. Sometimes I wish we had snow...though I know my husband from Chicago would disagree with me :) It really is beautiful! I love that upside-down truck and what it symbolizes. Kids playing outside in the snow is the best!

  4. Well said, I totally agree.


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