3 months

Three months. I guess that takes us out of "newborn"phase and into babyhood. A little look at you over the past three months:

3 months of chair

Big things happening this month:
3 months
In the beginning of the month we went to the Foothills and 'sort of camped'. You are a good traveler, but we need to have a talk about the diaper blowouts when we are on the road. There was poo from head to toe and nothing but wipes to clean you up with! I have learned to not just bring extra clothes for you, but for me too.
We started you in daycare the week after Thanksgiving. You are doing great and seem to be fine at 'school'. For the first week I attempted to come in and feed you at lunch, but it seems this is your snoozing time and so I have decided to just work thru most of my lunches and just get off earlier. It is a little crazy in the mornings to get us all out of the house, and I am waiting for the morning that I get half way down the street and realize you are still in the house, waiting patiently for one of us to click you into the car, but I think a rhythm will settle in soon enough (oh how I hope!). I have noticed that you are a bit more fussy at night after all day at school and just want me to hold you when we get home.
3 months
You still are very easy going and just like to watch the world going on around you. There is so much to see and take in at our house, especially when your big brother is in the room. You have figured out that the furry faced thing that walks on all fours is the dog and you light up when you see her. Though you could do with out the close encounters and the wet nose in your face, she makes you smile all the same. Your favorite hang out spot is the green 'vibrating' chair and when we are making dinner or eating this is your spot in the kitchen.
3 months
You are trying to work out just how to giggle and laugh. Most of the time it comes out like a squeal or a sucking in of air (reverse singing anyone?) more than anything else. But big smiles follow and that curling up of your body that I talked about last month still happens.

Now that you have found your hands, I can often hear you slurping and gnawing away on your knuckles. You will sometimes take the pacifier, but most often are fine with your own hand. I keep wondering if you will find a finger or a thumb, but so far it is just the entire fist that seems to keep you happy.
3 months
You are on the verge of rolling over. Getting to one side or the other and just hanging out there, not quite sure where to go next. I am pretty sure you are going to surprise the heck out of yourself when you do manage to shift your weight over and on to your belly. Speaking of belly, you don't mind tummy time much and will hang out propped up on your forearms watching and learning. When you have had enough you will flop over and onto your back.
3 months
I feel, in some ways that I am getting to enjoy the little milestones so much more with you. I know they are on the way and it is a thrill to watch them unfold. With your brother, I was just trying to figure out the whole mommy thing, with you I feel I can relax a bit more and take it all in.
Your brother loves you so very much, though he is still working out how you both fit into the family. He sometimes gets jealous or a little rowdy, but mostly he is sweet and wants to give you kisses and be next to you. Lately, I have caught him sneaking into your room after you have gone down for the night to 'share' his toys- tossing them into your crib one by one and giggling. When I catch him he says, "J wanted that, mama." I have to figure out a way to keep his graciousness going, but also have him realize that you are sleeping and a little to small to appreciate most of the gifts he tosses in to the crib for you.
3 months
We love having you around Fifers. Your calm and sweet personality is wonderful and I can't wait to watch you grow more into 'you' as the months continue.


  1. I'm going to have to stop looking in the baby room for her at school. I know if I see her I'll never make it to work! Happy three months to you all!!


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