last day of the year (two days after)

on the last day of the year we hung out in our jammies until 10am.
then we piled into the car and went to go see where Daddy-O works.
we rode the elevator eleven stories up and down long hall.

one of them helped daddy with his work,
geographer in the making

the other zonked out watching sesame street songs.
Sleeping On The Job

we rode the elevator back down
and watched people holding hands on the ice.
hand holding o nice

then we got hamburgers,
chocolate milk shakes
and "friend"fries for lunch.
lunch break

we kept a close on a girl who had a fever
and a runny nose.

I got a massage
and am still sore from it,
in the best possible way.

we visited with family
December Family Shot
wore silly wigs
and hid in a fort.

we made it to mid-night,
but just barely.
new years eve
and watched the fireworks shooting off
from the bedroom window.

it was a really nice end to the year.


  1. Anonymous4.1.11

    That's so cute he fell asleep on that chair! So uncomfortable looking though! Happy New Year!


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