wrap up 2

Week two wrap up of my 365 project.
This past week has been hectic and a little nutty. Daddy-O worked late 3 of the 5 work nights so I was flying solo with the kids for most of the week.
Fifi turned four months,
we cheered on the Pack as they played in the Kraft Bowl and had pizza with the crew.
Girly-girl had her well check on Monday,
and I hit the grocery store after work in an effort to keep the fridge stocked with food.
Tuesday I had a cling on who was passing out lubbin'
Wednesday meant fresh sheets on the bed.
I got my hairs cut on Thursday,
and Friday I spent my lunch break lost in the fabric store.

week 2


  1. Anonymous16.1.11

    cute hair cut! Is that Mill End? I haven't been there in 30 years. I love your pretty sheets. I'm really into pretty sheets :) Hope you have a great week Vanessa! xo Kyndale

  2. 4 months?? NO way! Crazy how time flies. Also love the bangs.

  3. Wow your hair is getting long. I like the new 'do.


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