40:365, tissue

Home, sick. I actually don't feel quite as bad as I did the past two days, but last night was a doozy for sleep. I think the kids were up a total of 5 times or something like that, I lost count. I think O was even bed with us at one point. I knew I had most of my work stuff done so I could stay home today.
Just me, the tissue box, my knitting and a few good movies. It's been nice. I think I will grab a shower and maybe even step outside in a few.
(I did make it out, got the car filled with gas and washed and then hit the grocery store for much needed staples like milk and tortillas).


  1. Sending well wishes and hugs!

  2. Feel better! I have been enjoying the pics, but haven't had a lot of time to get around to comment. Hope all is well.


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