Backyard Bubbles

157:365, backyard bubbles

On Monday night O asked if he could go outside and blow bubbles. I told him I had to make dinner, but he could go by himself. I expected there to be a giant puddle of bubble juice, a boy with a bubble juice mustache and possibly some tears when he couldn't figure it out on his own. I gave it about ten minutes before he was back inside asking for a cheese stick or juice.
That teaches me to expect things from this kid... Once I opened the lid for him, I sat and watched in astonishment as he carefully and gently blew bubble, after bubble, after bubble.
I had no idea that he had figured out this tricky task. He held the wand at just the right distance, he puckered his lips and blew out just the right speed and pressure of air.
30 minutes later, he was still out there giggling as he blew and popped bubbles in the grass.

I asked him who taught him how to do that and he answered,
"Hhmmm, probably Chase."
Chase gets a lot of credit around here lately. He is O's bff at daycare and is the topic of many conversations these days...


  1. Umm...totally amazing, both the photos and bubble blowing ability. I don't think Kidlet got that down until she was at least 5!

  2. @Anithanks! and I really was amazed at his skills.

  3. Oh yes. My guys think blowing bubbles indoors is OK cuz they let them do it at daycare. Glad Crocket and Chase are running the school...Crocket gets all the credit around our house and now the garbage man is picking up his diapers, too. haha.

  4. @Lisa MaeIt is so funny how they latch on to a certain kid. I wonder if our boys get all the credit in the other kids' world??


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