At the Tea House

Hula put on an incredibly informative and inspiring workshop yesterday.

I am still in a little bit of shock that I was able to attend and be a part of it all.

259:365, on the tabletable of roids

I had a blast and am so excited to get to give some life back to a few of my vintage cameras.


Thank you again to Andrea, as well as Stef and the gang at Tea House Studio!
What a wonderful space to learn and create.


  1. I am so happy to have met you and walked around Berkeley a little bit with our cameras at the ready. Thanks for being patient with my foot cramps :) Hope you enjoyed the wedding, and I look forward to seeing you again sometime xo

  2. hi vanessa, just checking in after reading andreas email to everyone...awesome meeting you last weekend

  3. oh gosh almighty. two of my favorite peeps in the SAME ROOM!
    what i wouldn't give to have been there...
    was it just amazing?
    i know the answer to that already. sigh...

  4. @jenijen It was awesome to meet you too! And you totally inspired me to get my other camera in working order. I can hardly wait to snap and peel!

  5. @sarah s. Hooray for Reno bloggers! What a treat to meet you and enjoy such a great day.

  6. @KathleenGirl! you have no idea. Plus, Lesophia was there too. I was just soaking in the good. It was pretty awesome. how ARE you?? xoox


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