(a busy-busy) Thanksgiving Weekend...

327:365, guiness
Making a mess while making a chocolate stout cake, a pretty mess.
train spotting
O had loved watching the trains from Nana and Grandpa's living room window. I am glad my mom prompted me to grab the camera.

328:365, mmmm  ice-box cake makers
The kids helped Jojo make an icebox cake. I think there was more taste testing than actual helping.

Buff and Val
Grandpa Buffalo and Nana Val! Thanks for having us you two. It was a fantastic Tur-ham-lamb day.

I think Fifi ate her weight, hence the 'push back' .

On Friday we got down to business with the big move.
330:365, moving day breakfast
I fueled our morning by getting coffee and doughnuts.
We farmed the kids and the heavy lifting began. We filled box after box and hoisted the couches, the fridge and a few other big items onto the trailer. There were several moments when I thought I should be documenting the move, but we were just too busy.

329:365, birthday decor
Around 4 we stopped our work to help celebrate two very special little boys.
not sure..
Happy Birthday F and L!

Saturday was a repeat of Friday and by the end of the day we found ourselves falling wearily into our bed, but in a under a different roof.

331:365, new light

I am searching and learning the light in this new space, it's an interesting thing to notice.

332:365, shoe

Sunday was move box filling and then setting up and settling in to our new place. I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have family holding us up right now.
Again, so much  to be thankful for, so much.


  1. Did you move in town? I was trying to read somewhere on your blog about what happened but I can't find it/ Hope you are well!

  2. love happy shots! wishing you many more in your new home!
    big hugs!


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