up to...

It's been busy with work and life around here. But thought I would check in and share a little of what we have been up to lately...

33:365, Midtown Eats

Dinner with my best friend.

41:366, night of craft
sneaking away for a night of craft and girl time.

34:366, reading
learning about dinos

35:366, banana chocolate muffins
42:366, mix master
baking and baking

40:366, dinner at jojo's
sharing dinner with my mom.
37:366, post dinner, dinner
having second dinners

39:366, closet
thinking about organizing.

36:366, superbowl sunday
playing at the cousins' house.
38:366, promise
watching the promise of the new year unfold.


  1. Oh wow! Vanessa1 These pictures here are STUNNING! makes me want a new camera and some light and probably a lot of your tutoring. So pretty...

    1. @jek! Thank you sweets. I have been really enjoying my 365 this year and seeking the light even though I usually don't pick up my camera until long after the sun has set. I also have found some great lightroom presets that have been rocking my processing world lately.
      hope you are well! hugs.


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