Damned ol' Rodeo

cowboy convo

Sometimes I scratch my head the fact that I don't bring anything but a fixed focus lens to events like the rodeo.


My zoom would be so much more appropriate, I could get closer and get some actions shots.


But, I don't like lugging around the heavy that is associated with such things.


So I just keep the trusty 50mm in my purse, and go with it.

jesus christo

And you know what?


When I am going through the images at the end of the evening or the next day, I am actually really happy with what I get.

mechanical bull

This lens lets me be in low light situations.

windy hair

It makes pretty bokeh and catches the light on the details the way I like.

boots and beer

It lets me be just a little bit more sneaky, or as sneaky as one can get with a dSLR in their hands.


So I can get shots that I totally wouldn't get if I had a giant lens swinging around.


It lets me catch the details in the stands.

double fisted

Did you know you can tell where a cowboy is from, just by looking at the style of hat he wears?

white hat

So last night, I caught the rodeo in the General Admission seats. It's not just what is happening in the arena that I love.


The crowd, I love the crowd. I think half, if not 3/4 of the fun of going to the rodeo is the people watching.


Sometimes silly stuff happens, like when you might get heckled by some kids about taking photos of the cotton candy guy. Those same kids will make silly faces and ham it up for the snap of the shutter.


The Riches, Wildest, Rodeo in the West.

171:366, rodeo

What a windy wonderful night it was, summer has official started.

carnival lights


  1. Anonymous23.6.12

    Great series you've got here. I love the variety of subjects and lighting.
    Yippy for the Reno Rodeo!

  2. Love this! And I totally get you with the people watching - one of my favorite activities. So, where is that cowboy from, given his hat and all?

    1. totally behind on responding... I actually don't know where that cowboy is from due to his hat, but there is defiantly a geographical link and type of ranching that the hats are worn for. ;)


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