Shooting with big and little (cameras)

During our first "glamping" trip of the year, I had a lot of fun switching between my many cameras. In this post I want to share images from my iPhone (the images above the captions) and my DSLR (those below the captions). I love how each camera gives me the ability to capture a moment or a feeling in different ways. I love using my DSLR because of the quality of the images I get, but sometimes it is too much to carry around. The phone is great because I am seldom without it. One of the times I like having my phone with me the most is when I am out for a run. I am in my own groove, can stop when I want or see something and it's already part of my gear for music and pace keeping. I wouldn't have gotten this first shot if it weren't for the convenience of this device.

The lovers, the dreamers and the sea

Finding peace and love.



I found kittens in the window and on a bench

 We all have layers to peel.

lovely textures where every where



I found Beach Way and my way to the beach


and spotted bright pops of color along the Board Walk.


What about you, what are you shooting and discovering these days?


  1. I need to refind my iphone mojo. My phone just doesn't seem to get as clean, clear photos as I see many other phone users getting. Guess I need to play a little more...or clean my phone's lens (ha!). Just started lugging the new, big camera around a little more. Even though it isn't a monster like the pro models, it definitely is a schlepp to bring it about. I'm used to being able to be somewhat sneaky about my photo taking, but with the big camera that just isn't possible. I guess it's 'snap and be proud!'

    1. What iPhone do you have? The 4s is significantly crisper than the 4 and the 5 even more so. That could be part of your frustration.
      I got so used to having my dslr in my purse for the past two years that I feel like something is missing when the bag is so light weight without it in there!


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