a few sights from Christmas

I have decided my mom and I should go into business together. She can be the stylist and I will be the photographer. She has the best stuff around the house- she is a yard sale/thrift store queen and always finds the coolest things. I am always amazed when I show up at her little house to find something new on the mantle- something that it seems had been popping up all over the coolest blogs and flickr over the past few days- some how she just knows what is hip and finds it when she wanders around the thrift stores.
A quick peek at a few of the fun things around her house on Christmas Eve.

tiny trees

Merry Xmas

We had a beautiful holiday.
Christmas Eve with my mom, lasagna, and church. A few presents, including a Polaroid camera and a good book. She got the vanity case and a yoga mat. I also gifted her some personal yoga classes, it will be fun to go over and teach her :)

Christmas morning my mom and I attended yoga at my favorite studio. We parted ways, she headed to Truckee and I headed on over to the in laws for very nice day. The blurb books I made for everyone were a hit and so were the moo http://moo.com/products/greeting_cards.php. Gifts from others included dog houses, homemade ice cream, heat therapy bags,cutting boards, bread,beer and diddy bags. All homemade of course.
One of the other things I was really excited to give was the "dress up suitecase" for my neice.
I think this was one of the nicest Christmas Days I can remember. Everything just felt right- there was joy in the air-

I hope your holiday was filled with good food, good family and most of all Peace.


  1. Love your Blurb book... I have to do one, one day (so many projects, so little time!).

    Happy Holidays!

  2. sounds like a lovely holiday!and i love the idea of Xmas morning yoga. :)

  3. i just check out your blurb book...so awesome!!!!!!!

  4. I love love love the blurb book...such a wonderful idea for a gift and I imagine it was a fun project for you as well!!! This one is going to make my list of things I would like to do (once I gather enough photos that is!) :)

  5. thanks ladies for such great encouragement about the book. I am spinning my mind for other ideas for a book-


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