It's the smallest things lately...

tiny forest

Sorry I have been quite. So much going on, yet I don't really feel like putting it all down here right now. Mind you all is well, very well and that is why coming here doesn't seem to be top on my priority list.I hope you will understand.

Have a nice day filled with love my internet friends....


  1. so glad to hear from you! hope you are doing well. i love this photo...such a fan of mossiness.

  2. well, that is how I am about the blog lately too. I started out of a serious desparation to make contact with the outside world.. and now, that contact is not as urgent. But it's friends like you that keep me coming back for more! it's valentines day, so have lots of love, my friend!

  3. such a sweet little post and I'm glad to hear things are going well for you. I love your photograph here.

  4. I can never resist taking pictures of moss. It looks so much like an alien planet when viewed up close.


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