he's onto me

hes onto me and the camera, originally uploaded by NessieNoodle.

how does he know to smile when I point the camera at him already?


  1. Anonymous14.1.09

    Babies have such a psychic gift for smiling at cameras... my niece had the smiley pose down at about 2 months, even if she had been crying, she'd stop and grin when the camera was out and pointed at her, and I believe the parents have used this to their own advantage... your little man is SO adorable... look at them big beautiful eyes, and those cheeks, so kissable!

  2. because he thinks the lense is your third eye. ;-D

  3. oh gosh. can he get any cuter?
    for real!
    what a knowing smile. lol

    liam sometimes stops and looks at me and, i swear, he raises his one eyebrow...it is just enough to let me know that he knows...

    how are they so smart?

    O is getting so big and HANDSOMER each time i see him.




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