The boy woke up early this morning, not quite 5am (lucky for me he also had been asleep since 7:30pm- that's a solid 9hrs and gave me 7hrs straight sleep, heaven!). I fed him and he fell back to sleep, little snore and all. I decided that it was just to close to the time when I would need to actually get up and start my day anyway so instead of crawling back to bed I wandered downstairs. As I waited for my tea water to boil (um, is anyone else hooked on yerba mate?) I found my ipod and did a little search for what I knew had been stored on it with the best of intentions months ago, yoga pod casts.
This is something that I have been telling myself to do, get up and give yourself time in the morning, do something for yourself so you can be the best mom/wife/daughter/coworker/person you can be. Not only that but my body has been asking me to start moving on a more frequent and consistent pattern. I have been coming home from work with headaches several times a week, I am sluggish and unmotivated to do much more than plop in front of the TV in the evenings.

January Sky

So I sipped a bit of my tea and without turning on any of the lights, moved myself into the big open room downstairs. My mat is in the car and I decided to just leave it there; to get moving without it, not wanting to add any more complications or stall tactics to the picture. I tuned into a 25-30 minute practice (depending on the length of svasana I took) led by Eoin Finn. How cool is it that we have the technology to basically bring a teacher into the room with us?

Can I just say how good it feels to start my day off like this? Breathe, stretch, grow.
I am off to a fantastic start.

If you are interested in downloading yoga onto your ipod here are a couple that I really like,
Yoga Today
Yoga Journal


  1. ooo! that might be a good idea for me, since i never seem to find the time or money to get to a studio. hopefully, my body can still find the poses...after my (gulp!) 4.5 year absence.

  2. what a great idea...I still have to catch some visual cues from my teacher, do you think I could still do it? actually, it may be a good way to transition from doing that...

    oh, and congratulations on the sleep!

  3. good for you, ness! sounds amazing. and the absolute best thing you can do for yourself, especially during this ultra-demanding first year of motherhood. yay you!

    happy new year to you, sweet friend! xo

  4. Oh I'm so with you on the yoga. I have a few podcasts and have also been saving some of the yoga dvds I get from Netflix. I've been doing it long enough now that I can create my own practice without having to always follow a class. But waking up early before the rest of house and doing a nourishing yoga sequence is magnificent!


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