see, I told you...

...we have been busy.

down at the pond
Swimming down at the old mill pond

face painting and goof-ball faces

BBQ Daddy-O
Daddy-O getting his grill on.

Grandpa and Uncle Scooter discussing their golf tactics for the morning (and sporting a mean tat)

Selfportraits of the very best kind.

Playing With Cousins
rough-housing with cousins

For more check the entire set here.


  1. So Darth Vader spent time with you? Along with a golfing pirate and a sad kitty (or mouse? or bunny?)? Wow, you've been busy all right! ;-)

  2. It looks like you guys are having tons of good fun!
    I *love* tubing in the river. you just reminded me of another reason I am a country girl at heart. I want H. to grow up with these simple pleasures and a connection to the natural world.
    We have to move back home - three months in the burbs and I know this truth already.

    Ps - darth vader in your house! Im really surprised my husband hasn't brought that home yet :)

  3. the kitty made me laugh..
    darth vadar had me laughing out loud.

    great post.. the photography is awesome. per usual.

  4. Dominique, yes Darth loves to hang at the cabin with us!

    Liz, this is actually an old mill pond (from the glory days of the gold rush). Though tubing is one of our favorite things too- Hang in there in the 'burbs, I am sure you are supposed to learn something from it (even if it is that you need to be a country girl!)

    Caitlin- oh good- everyone needs a laugh on Thursday! thanks!

  5. you love Graegle don't you? :)


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