yup, its september all right

three on blue and white

backyard view

four in the sky

crazy hair watcher
the boy and his crazy hair watching as the balloons go up. He loved it!
I really should get extra credit for almost all the shots I took this morning-
I was holding a 20lb squirmy worm on my hip the whole time!
For more of what I saw, yesterday and today head over to my flickr set.
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  1. Anonymous13.9.09

    oh gosh, we went this morning...so tired!! Great pictures. Don't you LOVE the balloon races?!! I'm going over to your flickr set right now.

  2. up up and away!!!!!

  3. this whole series is awesome! we cut I's hair, I miss the wispy craziness. the top photo could be him with his long hair.
    great job shooting with the babe - all kinds of new challenges when they are on your hip, huh?
    I'm living in autofocus.

  4. How dreamy! I think my hair would also stand up wild and crazy if I were to see balloons go up!

  5. Yes, definitely extra credit for you! That first shot is wonderful! They all are. I'm so glad for corner view!

  6. thanks! just great photos and a feeling of september!

  7. love the photographs


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