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So did you know I started a 365 project?
Today is the one week mark- taking one (at least) self portrait a day for a year.
Why you ask? Um, well, I have been totally intrigued by a number of others (just to link a few) on flickr who are doing these. I really want to get to know and understand my camera bit more then I do (run it in manual) and to push my creative self. But one huge reason is that I am always behind the camera so there just aren't that many pictures of me lately.
I have no real reason why I started on the day I did- many people start on the new year, or on their birthday. I just up and decide to start last week.
If you are interested, follow along over on flickr. I will post photos here from time to time (maybe once a week?) I am sure as the days get shorter and there is less light I will need the cheering on to keep this thing going.

Be well friends,



  1. This one is already beautiful, great idea!

  2. Great idea! I don't know if I'd be able to do it; I really prefer to be behind the camera ;-)

  3. Love this idea. I will have to follow along and then maybe I'll get inspired to do it on my next birthday.

  4. Wow! Great shot! You're so beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful photo!

  6. This is a beautiful photograph of you

  7. I am interested! Going to check your Flickr! :)

    You have a lovely blog, and lovely jacket as well! :)


  8. Anonymous22.10.09

    Love this picture of you Vanessa!


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