being a boy

Such joy in exploring and getting a little bit of soil under your finger nails.


  1. Love your happy little bug!

    This reminds me of a Christmas gift a coworker and I gave to our boss's kid, years ago - a gardening tool set. He called us at work just before we closed(he was home alone with his kids) and asked us to bring by the shop vac on our way home. He had met his toddler in the hall (because it had been eerily quiet). Toddler had dirt filled trowel in hand. He stared down dad who kept telling him, "do not do it." Toddler slowly dumped the dirt onto the hall carpet. Turned out he had dug most of the dirt out of the plant in his sister's room, too. Of course, we were proud that he loved his gardening tools so much. ;)

  2. Priceless photos. Love the happy little expressions on his face.

  3. That´s one of the reasons why I miss a garden. To get dirty! ;)
    He is just my kind of guy! Look how happy he is!

  4. Oh! I love this so very much! : )
    Such sweetness on your little ones face!
    Lovely to see this wonderful exploring in dirt!

  5. Oh, he is the cutest little bug for sure!!

  6. These are such great photos. One thing that I adore is my children in dirt. There is something about boys, and dirt that just go hand and hand. Just wait until he graduates to mud :)

  7. What a sweet little boy! It looks like he is having a bawl.


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