New Years Eve

day76- New Years Eve, originally uploaded by NessieNoodle.

Spent last night with some of my best girlfriends and their men folk. We had a yummy dinner, played poker and laughed.
I had my 50mm lens on so I am blaming that for the soft focus of my dearest friends...It could have been that we were laughing so hard that I wasn't quite seeing straight, or the fact that I sat thru a 3 hour 3-d movie (you know what one) prior to this and still hadn't visually recovered from it all...
Why do I always forget my tripod and remote when I go places? That so would have helped out with this shot.
It is still super fun non the less and I am so glad that these girls (and their guys) have been in my world for so long (Heather since 7th or 8th grade and Em since birth).

Here is to a beautiful new year filled with laughter and good friends!


  1. what a fun evening! happy new year!

  2. Sounds like you had a fantastic New Year! All the best!

  3. happy new year to you, mama!
    love this pic.
    makes me laugh as i have done this with my 50mm, too.
    glad you had such a fun night!


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