Quite Through Tunnel

Quite Through Tunnel, originally uploaded by NessieNoodle.

I have been SUPER quiet lately. Mostly because my energy has been put towards getting better. This cold has knocked me down and all around. But I am also finding a little bit of enjoyment outside of the computer. I hope to be back on the blogging/flickr wagon again soon, but I am not sure. This might have been the break that I needed and the down time that I needed.
I hope you are all well. Thank you all for the well wishes and the 'get better soons' they mean a ton!

be well my friends...


  1. Oh! I hope you are feeling better soon. You've been down quite a long time. Give yourself a break, you definitely must need it.

  2. I didn't know you weren't feeling well :( Despite the cold, it sounds like you have had a well-deserved break. I've been wondering how you keep up with all that you do!

  3. I totally understand! I am been feeling the same way.

    xo kyndale

  4. feel better soon. i miss you!

  5. Anonymous31.1.10

    Sending a big hug, Vanessa. Sounds like you're at the end of the tunnel, and like what you see. Ciao.


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