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One year ago today... punk rawk baby.
so much has changed but so much is the same- I actually did his hair like this this morning, not even thinking about this photo~
He is such a 'kid' now, and not really a baby these days. It makes me a little sad, but I am loving to watch the person he is becoming. A strong, smart and silly kid with a big heart. Willing to give sweet puckered lip kisses if I ask and snuggle on the couch while he drinks his milk and me my tea in the morning while we wake up with the sun.

God I love this kid.so.much.


I am feeling 100-million-trillion times better. I am eating again (those antibiotics really did a number on my already sensitive tummy) and have energy back. Though I did take a nice little 1.5hr nap yesterday after a morning full of running around town for a new toilet seat, dog food, face lotion/wash- all fueled by my new favorite s-bucks hot chocolate. (they recently changed their teas and now the chia that was once my absolute favorite go to drink is GROSS- do hear that Starbucks? GROSS!).

Thanks for all your well wishes, I really do mean it when I say they helped.

I haven't touched my camera in over a week. it makes me a bit scared that I have totally lost my photo mojo, that maybe this creative phase is over and done. I hope not. I just need to pick her up again, but I needed this break and I am glad I am allowing myself to work thru it.

xo friends.


  1. It will pass. I am very slumpy right now too The only thing that I can do right now is knit knit knit.

    You've been so sick too; I'm sure that has something to do with it!

  2. Slump...tis the season.

    I bet that you are a better photographer for the break!

  3. Glad you're feelin' better. I hear ya on the slump. I think sometimes you just need a break. (mm and a kit kat bar :)

  4. So glad the bug has been kicked out! Hope it stays out!

    LOVE this picture! Roxy had crazy hair as a baby that would never lay down. We used to love putting it in a faux hawk. I just might have to pull that one out of the archives...

    Can't wait till you pull the 'ole camera out! I guarantee you haven't lost a bit of that mojo!

    Happy Week!

  5. You'll find it. You are a true photographer at heart. I wrote a paper years ago -- on Rollo May, who wrote a book about creativity and I remember the main point was that creative moments often come to us when we are at rest.

  6. Anonymous3.2.10

    Excellent this photo !!!

  7. glad your getting better. It takes a while!

  8. Totally cute baby-like the do!


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