spring banner

I love when I get home from a long day at work only to find
amazing and totally unexpected mail in the box.
Today I opened a sweet little card with a mini-banner inside from Michel.
you brightened my day today, thank you!

Spring in Reno is sort of a tease.
You know mother nature was giggling to herself
as she dumped snow on us as a equinox gift.
That's okay, I saw daffodils today... it's on it's way.
Also, not sure if I will be here tomorrow
 and I know I won't be here for a few days after that.
I plan spending some quality time shooting film with my Pentax,
perfecting my landscape photography,
getting dusty and (hopefully) catching a few
sun rays on my face.
All  while chillin' in a tent somewhere near or below sea level.

oh and one more thing. I just added a "Reply" function to the comments. I am hoping that this will make this space a little more interactive and easy for me to respond to all of you out there, so go ahead, don't be shy. Leave a comment and say, "Hi".

Catch y'all on the flip side.


  1. Miss thang, you've got me so distracted with your travels. My mind is happily playing the slide show of your trip to the desert, last year. Must plan some camping together, soon. xoxo

  2. @Lisa MaeWe want to get in as much camping this year as possible, let's get planning!


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