keep calm

74:365, rainy greens
I have been a little anxious with all the news of what is happening in Japan right now. I am so sad for all the loss. The nuke melt down business had me in near panic yesterday. What kind of a world have I brought my children into?
This is the sort of thing that had me thinking long ago that I didn't want to have kids, because how could I bring another generation into the world with such scary things happening in/to it?
75:365, pink gingham

But my husband reminded me that maybe one of our kids will have the answers, that maybe they will invent a way to make it better... Thank goodness for him, oh and for yoga. For the fact that I feel better when I am on the mat and when I leave the mat. For the ability to send good vibes, well wishes and positive energy to those who need it oh so badly right now.  Thank goodness for little reminders of keeping calm...and carrying on.


  1. You know I am right here on this one...and I have had the same thoughts about my children. Your husband has some good reminders. Great necklace!

  2. I think about all this too. That's why I teach my kids as much as possible about loving nature and environmentalism. My daughter reads the Sierra Club magazine from cover to cover every time it comes in the mail. Your husband is right. Maybe one of our kids will have the answers. I've seen a shift in the past few years and I know that environmentalism is going more mainstream. It's not just us on the fringe anymore.

  3. @Teresa thanks sweets! I am so glad to know I am not alone, though I wish we wouldn't have to worry about this sort of thing!

  4. @kyndale_peaseyes, taeching them to 'love their mother' is so very important!


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