catch up

and I don't mean the Heinz variety.
I have been so busy sharing with you all my adventures in film and celebrating lucky 7, that I really haven't made any updates on my 365 project over here.

Last week there was gardening
93:365, transplant

finding pretty in the everyday things around the house
(or, what the heck am I going to take a picture of today?)
94:365, bowl full of words

watching spring explode all around me
dinner with friends, one of which is looking a million times healthier than when we saw him last
(he is battling cancer and kick some ass)
96:365, spring rolls

my boy is starting to follow in my footsteps
97:365, O-vision

my girl is seven months old
98:365,7 months

and one quick swipe with the clippers and my baby boy is transformed into a big-big kid.
99:365, O Pre-haircut

I love how this project has me slowing down, seeing the light and the moment and using my favorite tool, the camera.


  1. Happy week, mama. You are a great influence. Thanks for slowing me down, too. ;)

  2. Fantastic photos. Looks like a great week! Happy Spring!

  3. You have an amazing knack for capturing life in photos and a few words. It is always a joy to visit your blog. Happy Spring to you!

  4. @likeschocolate Thank you so much (sorry i am a bit behind in responding!)

    @Melissa Thank you so much Melissa! you are really too sweet. hugs.


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