There has been so much fantastic play happening around here lately.


O's imagination is really blooming and it is so funny to hear him as he makes up a conversation between a pig and train or listen in on him 'reading' his books.


We pulled out the Legos and I watched him build an airplane, I was totally blown away as I watched it take shape- how the h. e. double hockey sticks did he do that?!


He and Fifi have actually been playing really well together lately, as long as she doesn't destroy a tower or gum on a train track we are all good.
untitled shoot-058

One of their favorite things to do is play around the couch.
Rolling, and leaping (O leaping, not Fifi).

187:365, siblings

At times I wonder if I am raising billy goats with all the head butting going on as of late.

untitled shoot-061
I love the giggles that fill the air.

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  1. so cute- love the 'raising billy goats' line.


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