About Me

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Hi, I'm Vanessa.
A small town girl at heart, I grew up in rural Northern Nevada in a town with five bars, no churches and the Black Rock Desert as my backyard. I also spent a few years living in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, near a pretty blue lake.
I remember shooting with my very first camera, a Kodak/Fisher Price 110. Later, I upgraded to a 35mm point and shoot via wrapping paper sales to any neighbor willing to open their front door. The Fisher Price is still around, and shares the shelf with a small (ahem) collection of thrifted and gifted film cameras.
These days I am likely to be seen lugging around one or all of my five favorite cameras. I love my trusty Canon 30d and 50mm lens, the iPhone is never very far away, “Minnie” the Minolta SRT 100 does a fantastic job when it comes to 35mm, I have a special connection when I shoot with my grandfather’s Yashica LM TLR, or my favorite film camera- a Polaroid 103 (which was also passed down from to me from my Godmother's father).
I have a Bachelor of Science degree in geography from the University of Nevada, Reno, but recently made a huge jump and left my cubical and digital maps behind. I said good bye to the 40 hour work week, and said hello to the 168 hour work week, also known as motherhood. I have a 4.5 year old son (O.), a 2.5 year old daughter (Fifi), a stinky old schnauzer (Cloe-girl) and a patient, supportive husband (A.).
When I'm not playing "Mommy" or "photographer", you might find me balancing on my yoga mat (I am a certified yoga instructor) or running the trails of Reno. For fun and memory making, the crew and I like to pack up “Pop-up Penny” and go exploring all over Nevada and California.