New Beginnings


As the family becomes settled in the Pacific Northwest, my photography business is also doing the same. I am excited to announce a new space on the internet. My portfolio and a new blog are up! Please have a look around and follow along if you like what you see. This space will soon be password protected and primarily for close friends and family.

Click on over to Focus In Photography! I am so excited for this new start!



Saying goodbye to gramma and gramps in Reno. 

Road trip shenanigans.

Fifi photo. Dinner entertainment.
Being adorbs.

Fifi photos in Eugene, OR

Violinist at the exit.

Yum. First night here celebration at a great spot.

Narrows Bridge from Titlow Park.

O's photo (wah?! So good)

Beach treasures.
We are aettling in and getting unpacked. Andy has started work and O. Starts school today. Finding routine and the new normal.
Lots if getting lost and turned around as I try to find the grocery stores and has stations. Lots of exploring and playing by the water.
The sun has been out for the past two days and Mount Rainer room my breath away when I spotted it for the first time. 
My plants and skin are so happy with the extra moisture in the air. 
It's all new and will take a but of time to settle in with a routine, but it's exciting.
We miss everyone in Reno, so come visit us soon!!!


February's 5 on 5

Even though it's only two or three days shorter than other months, February moved at the speed of light! My family and I have been busy packing and preparing for our relocation to Tacoma, Washington. 

    From a creative shoot.

We said several goodbyes to friends and family, and we celebrated my nephew's (6th) and my husband's (40th) birthdays.  It's been bittersweet, to say the least.

 Yummiest cupcakes for a 40th

Over the part month, I was able to take photographs, that I think will go down as some of my favorites yet during a few special client sessions and photographer meet ups.

Fun session with a friend and photog.

I shot film, digital, and iPhone images and still can't decide what my true favorite camera is, I like it that way.

    Amazing boudoir session

Please excuse any grammar or spelling errors in this post, I am writing from my iPhone as my computer is tucked away in the moving truck. One more sleep unit we hit the road north!

     Spinning in the sun

Now head on over to see what Adrian was up to last month.




I never realized how much I had been missing a creative community until last year. 
I have been connected to amazing photographers and creatives for a very long time on the internet, and while I truly have made friends with many of these people, there has been a void. I didn't have many people I could talk shop with or who walked around with more than one camera on them on a regular basis. I sort of figured I was a goofball because of my camera love. That is until last summer.  


I was added to a local photography group on Facebook and my world changed. Sounds a bit dramatic, but it's sorta true. I started meeting people in my own community who were as passionate (if not more so) about the art of photography as I was.  I networked, met up with, hiked (and fell on my face), joked with and I was able to "work"with a handful of them. And I put the word,work in quotes because when you're doing what you love it's not really work at all. I am lucky enough to have gotten to know several as friends and fellow photo-geeks.


On Sunday evening, I went to a gathering under the guise of "off camera flash workshop" and was hit with such generosity and friendship. I was humbled. I hadn't realized that so many of my fellow Facebook friends had been following along and that I had made an impact on them. I mean, look at me, I am kinda cra-cra.


But you guys, they brought a GIANT cake, bacon wrapped something or others and then we went out and played with off camera flash. It was pretty awesome.
Thanks again to my Reno Photografriends. You all have no idea how much I have learned from each of you. I feel honored to be a part of your gang and to be allowed to stay despite my zip code change next week.



Tacoma Bound

Big news, big changes. Andy was offered a job in Tacoma, Washington. That's two states away. We thought about it, mulled it over. Pros and cons, and all of the above. We have actually been thinking about some sort of a move for a long time. And decided it was one of those, "if not now then when", moments and he accepted the offer.


Packing the house, selling off things that we don't want to lug two states away and gifting other things. I have packed a bag of clothes for the kids and threw the rest of their things into boxes with labels. I have done the same for my things. I have filled up several garbage bags with random what is this? stuff that have amassed in the past year and a half. Pack and purge, pack and purge.

night fishing

We will be renting an apartment for about six months until we can get our heads wrapped around the neighborhoods of Tacoma. Eventually, we will purchase a house if everything seems to be settling in the way we want it to.


The idea of having a big going away part was tempting, but honestly, we knew we wouldn't get to see and talk to everyone in a way we wanted so we are each doing our best to meet up with friends and family before we are north bound.


It's scary and exciting, but mostly exciting. I can't wait to show you a new city, a new state for that matter through my lens. Here's to adventures!!