have you ever?

Have you ever had one of those visits with a friend where something just clicks? You were friends before, but all of the sudden within a matter of minutes it seems that you have more in common and the conversation is just really easy?

I had that last night. It was great. I love when I see my friends in a place where they seem super content, where they have found the thing or things that matter most to them and are embracing them fully and really just living. They were willing to take big risks and step off the edge of comfort only to be rewarded with some very good results.


So keep your eyes open and your heart free of worry because you never know when a friend will surprise you with a fantastic re-charge of energy and a little bit of laughter too.


  1. it's so good to be surrounded with that kind of vibrant energy. thanks for letting a little leak out our way through your post!

  2. amazing photo! and a message I will take to heart.

  3. Beautiful image of lavender...I love lavender; just planted some this year (hope it survives Calgary's cruel winters) because it smells so wonderful and as a bonus keeps kitties away from my flower bed.

  4. i know its getting close. i wanted to wish you pre baby lucks and wishes.

    soon you will be a family of 3.

    natty xo ox


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