those things you once though were gross...

Hey Mom, I might just like tomatoes after all...
It has taken me a long time, and even now sometimes I can't eat them.
But when they are straight from the garden it is hard to resist.

garden fresh

I keep getting told not to pick them so early, but look at that color.

early girl

I mean, how can I help it.

(these are "early girls". We have 3 other plants of different varieties in the garden , but these seem to match their name quite well and are the only ones producing and getting ripe so far.)


  1. We planted Early Girl too - ours are not so early though - they are blooming now...

  2. i've got itty bitty greenies on the tomatoes but that's it. next year, i might need to get something a wee bit earlier.

  3. We got this plant at Raley's with fruit on it already back in june. I think that helped it along. The little ones that we got from the nursery are taking waaay longer and the 'heirlooms' only have flowers, I am wondering if we are going to see anything out of them or not in the next few months!

  4. Hi Nessie,
    Ate my first home grown tomatoe this evening--a teeny tiny but it was home grown and fresh! I'll have a lot in a week or so.
    My Early Girls are big and green and hopefully will turn soon---then I'm in tomatoe heaven---
    (Is there an "e" at the end of tomatoe, tomato?)


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