over the moon and star kissed

star-stamped antique coin necklace, originally uploaded by my sunset road.

At the beginning of October I was scrolling thru my contacts photos' over on Flickr and this necklace popped up.
I was smitten. As some of you know stars are special to me, especially a certain grouping of stars...
I contacted Courtney of My Sunset Road and she was more than accommodating to create a custom piece for me. I can hardly wait to get this necklace.
You may remember me posting about her work before- Last holiday season I found her work and my hubby got me two pairs of earrings from the shop. I wear them all the time. (actually in my 365 post I have on a pair).
She is so easy to work with and does quality work. If you are on the hunt for something pretty, unique and special for you gal (your mom, your daughter, your bestie or your sister) might I suggest hopping on over to her shop?

Thanks again Courtney!


  1. That is a really beautiful necklace.

    Can't wait to see it on you in one of your 365 shots!

  2. oh, i'm in love! the necklace is fabulous, and your earrings did catch my eye on flickr!

  3. gorgeous necklace, i love the stars!

  4. Wow, love both this and your CV post. I think I'll be stopping in here more often. Thanks!


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