34 for 33

And here are a few (34 for to be exact) wishes and dreams for the coming year....

1. sew a piece of clothing for myself. gathering inspiration

2. finish my Tea Leaves cardigan
3. hike mount rose

4. go to the ocean, done!

5. hang my photography in a public space, done! and done!
They are going up for silent auction to support a local non-profit.

6. open and etsy or big cartel store

7. take my mom to a photo booth

8. take the kids to a photo booth, yup!

9. visit an art museum, alone

10. get paid for my photography via a photo shoot(s). done!

11. take another photography class, Thank you Andrea!

12. practice yoga (even just 20-30minutes) 3 times a week. It's a start.

13. snowshoe

14. take O. on an adventure, just the two of us.
15. get away for the weekend with Daddy-O

16. go on an art retreat, this was pretty close.

17. get inked- gathering inspiration over here..

18. Camp in Death Valley, done

19. Camp in Santa Cruz, yup, yup

20 Visit the redwoods, that was FUN!

21. take a tap dance class

22. hula hoop, FUN

23. be a tourist in my own town, even better I got to hang with Amy to do so.

24. have friends from out of town at our house

25. make a huge bubble maker thingy

26. go down the slip and slide

27. learn something new at work, not quite what I had in mind, but a learning process none the less

28. put some purple in my hair

29. save for a new lens or speed light, didn't exactly save- more like, the kid broke my favorite and I got an upgrade!

30. take one of my girlfriends out to dinner, just because

31. visit a brewery or go wine tasting, Congrats Heather and Todd!

32. have all the cousins over for a sleep over, pj party, half the crew isn't bad!

33. visit and swim in Lake Tahoe, does putting my feet in count?

and a pinch to grow an inch...

34. shoot with my film cameras (and actually develop the film), did it, twice! and want to do it more.